Papst Franziskus und die Wirtschaft

Papst Franziskus hielt Ende Juni eine Rede in Rom für Delegierte der italienischen Gewerkschaften (Confederatione Italiana Sindicati Lavoratori, CISL). Ausschnitte daraus (uf änglisch, siehe Quelle am Schluss):

Certainly the person is not only formed by labor. We must also think of a healthy culture of idleness of knowing how to rest. This is not lazyness, it is a human need to which the unions should be attentive.

The right to a fair pension is not always recognized. and not at all the word fair. "Fair" means, it should be neither too poor nor too rich, golden pensions are no less an offense to labor than pensions that are too low as they insure that the inequalities during the time of work become permanent. That should not happen.

Two challenges confront the trade union movement today. The first has to do with prophecy: Unions have to be active in society, they perform the function of a necessary critical voice for those who have no other voice. As is shown by the great tradition of the CISL, the unions movement has its great success when it is prophecy, (when it includes everybody: the prophecy of a better society and how to get it,) but in our advanced capitalist societies, the union risks losing its prophetic nature and becoming too similiar to the institutions and powers that it should instead criticize. The union with the passing of time has ended up resembling politics or rather political parties (their language, their style), and instead, if this typical and diversed dimension is lacking, it's action within business will lose strength and effectiveness.

The second challenge to unions is innovation. The union does not carry out its essential function of social innovation, if it watches over only those that are inside the union. If it protects the rights only of those who already work or who are retired. This must be done, but it is half of your work. Your vocation is also to protect those who do not yet have rights, those excluded from work, or who are also exluded from rights and from democracy.

The capitalism of our time does not understand the value of the trade union, because it has forgotten the social nature of the economy. This is one of the greatest sins.

But perhaps our society does not understand the union also, because it does not fight enough in terms of the not-yet-rights of the existencial peripheries of those rejected from work. (Er bezieht sich auf die Arbeitslosigkeit in Italien: 40 Prozent der jungen Leute unter 25 Jahren sind dort ohne Arbeit und gehen auch nicht zur Schule)

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